Our story

Ever since 1995, the founding members of e-teach have been active in the field of distance learning, initially in a CTI applied R&D project in cooperation with partners from academia (HES-SO) and industry (Banque Cantonale Vaudoise - BCV, Edipresse SA, Publigroupe SA).

The original R&D project, which was bankrolled by public and private funding, made it possible to develop a set of skills linked to distance learning and to set up a joint e-learning platform, e-teachServer®.


The teaching and technical expertise acquired through this research project, particularly during implementation with the various partners, provided a basis for the founding of the company e-teach sàrl on 2 August 1999.

e-teach has remained faithful to its initial goals, offering its customers state-of-the-art services and technologies in the e-learning field. As a result of the many projects which the company has managed or jointly developed, in both in Switzerland and abroad, it has become a market leader in French-speaking Switzerland.


The company maintains close ties with the research world through its active cooperation with HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland) and HEIG-VD (School of Business and Engineering Vaud). These links to academia have been a plus in terms of exchange of technology and teaching input, and we want to pass these benefits on to our customers.

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