Our services tailor-made for you

Today's information and communication technologies let staff undergo training at any moment from their workstations, in their cars via their cell phones or by listening to "learning broadcasts" placed on the Internet or made available through their training center (permanent learning).

Trainers have tools enabling them to give concrete expression to their skills by creating rapidly and independently interactive training modules in rich forms (videos, podcasts, etc...).
By doing so, they become "authors" of their skills and can devote more time to guiding and coaching their "learners".

Moreover, Web 2.0 technologies make learning a joint experience, through networks of learners where individuals can interact with their peers, put questions to a trainer or expert or round out available resources ...

Our services are aimed at helping our customers gradually shift to training that is "ongoing", "rich", "rapid" and social.

Our projects cover the following...

  • Training re-engineering
  • Content creation (rapid learning, podcasts, educational web TV, etc...)
  • NICT project management
  • Training and advice