Challenge MonitorCustomer Case Study, easyJet

easyJet was willing to let you to go aboard.
The company has authorized us to present its project to you, for which we thank them !

1 The CONTEXT : in 2010, Marketing Services for easyJet Switzerland and Germany wanted to make travel agents aware of, and train them in, its services.

2 The STAKES for easyJet were :
  • Improve easyJet’s image among this target audience
  • Inform about easyJet’s offer, adapted to the needs
    of a business public
  • Increase the flights “booked” by these travel agents
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Promotional video produced by e-teach to launch the contest

DEMO: Discover and test the game !

Nota : The contest is currently closed, and so it’s possible that certain information is out of date (figures, dates etc), but that doesn’t stop you finding out about the point of it and how it works.
easyJet has allowed us to give you access to its contest, in the form that it was used in 2010...

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Here are a few numbers :

Players’ comments

"I learnt quite a lot about the company, especially that one could book flights on GDS. I tried straight away."
"I was advised by mail that I had dropped below the qualifying level for the final draw. I went back to improve my score."
"Playing and trying to beat someone I know is very stimulating."
"it is an original approach for getting information about and knowing the product better."

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